Are You Ready for Mother's Day?

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Whether you are planning a celebration for your mother, there are some things you can do to make her special day memorable and wonderful. Here are some things you can consider to help you in your plans.

Make Her Feel Young at Heart

Do you know what Mom's favorite music was when she was a teenager? It would be awesome for her to wake up with that music going in the kitchen. When she enters the room, have balloons tied to her chair and flowers at her place. Even if you're not a great cook, provide a special breakfast for her to begin the day. Foods like her favorite doughnuts along with decadent chocolate covered strawberries and a pitcher with a delicious fruit punch would be perfect.

Have a Special Outing

Of course, dinner or lunch at her favorite restaurant would always be well received, but think outside the box to add something to it. Consider going to the zoo together or going to a museum she loves. Save dessert for the end of your outing and use this time to verbally express your gratitude for all that she does for you and for your family. A handwritten letter or appreciation is something she can read over and over again, and it may be a lovely and unexpected surprise.

Give Her a Special Gift 

Consider a gift basket. In the basket, put in things like a CD by her favorite artist, some pretty writing paper and hand lotion. The frosting on the cake would be a gift certificate to a beauty salon like Light Works Esthetics Ltd.

When you make the appointment, consider asking for a long-lasting manicure. The new gel ones are so tough that they'll last for up to two weeks. They won't chip and they won't be damaged when she does dishes or even works in the garden. She'll get to choose from many beautiful colors.

As you select the pedicure, consider spending just a few more dollars and getting something like a super deluxe deal. That will include a salt scrub, wax treatment to soften the skin, and a long foot and leg massage. Don't forget to add the gratuity when you buy the gift card, and make sure she knows ahead of time that it has been taken care of.

Congratulations on planning a wonderful day for your mother. These ideas will ensure that the day is memorable and wonderful.


3 April 2015

Accessorizing Your Evening Gown

My name is Melinda Franklin, and I want to thank you for visiting my website. My husband Joseph is an executive in the firm where he works. This means we have three to five annual formal affairs to attend. I will be the first to admit that I’m not the most fashion savvy person. For years, I would find and wear what I thought was the perfect evening gown for each event, yet never felt quite as lovely as I thought I should. I would admire the other women and wonder why I didn’t feel as stunning as they looked. Then it finally dawned on me --it was my lack of accessories. The other women wore earrings and necklaces that completed their outfits. I haphazardly put on jewelry and accessories that I knew were mundane. I would like to share some accessorizing tips I’m using now.