3 Beauty Tips To Keep In Mind When You Are Getting Married


If you are getting married this year, you are going to want to look as fabulous as possible on your wedding day. Here are a few beauty tips to help you out.

#1 Avoid The Fake Tan

Don't try to create an unnatural tan for your wedding day. If you don't regular go to the tanning salon on get a spray tan, right before your wedding is not the time to start. If you don't usually tan, your skin tone will look different than it normally is, and you may look off in your wedding photos. Keep to your normal skin care routines so that you look like yourself in your wedding photos.

#2 Get Extra Work Done In Advance

If you want to have some extra work done, such as a getting your hair cut or colored, or going in for a facial so that you look your best, don't do things the week before you wedding. You want to build in time for you to fix anything that could go wrong or for you to deal with any adverse reaction that you may have.

For example, you don't want your skin to get all red because of a facial, and then end up with a red fake or a face caked in makeup for your wedding day.

It is best to get any extra beauty services done in advance so that you feel and look your best and have time to deal with any reactions that could develop.

#3 Do A Test Run

Finally, make sure that you do a test run for your hair and makeup, especially if you are trying something new. Doing a test run with both your hair and makeup on the same day will allow you to see how you would look on your wedding day. It also allows you to see if you really like the effect. Do this as far in advance as you can, so that you have time to come up with a new hairstyle or choose a new makeup style if you don't like how they work together.

Just because something looked great in a magazine does not mean that it is all going to come together and look great on you. If you really want to test out the full look, try to arrange a time to try on your wedding dress with your full hair and make-up done. This will allow you to make any adjustments and be totally confident for the big day. 

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27 April 2017

Accessorizing Your Evening Gown

My name is Melinda Franklin, and I want to thank you for visiting my website. My husband Joseph is an executive in the firm where he works. This means we have three to five annual formal affairs to attend. I will be the first to admit that I’m not the most fashion savvy person. For years, I would find and wear what I thought was the perfect evening gown for each event, yet never felt quite as lovely as I thought I should. I would admire the other women and wonder why I didn’t feel as stunning as they looked. Then it finally dawned on me --it was my lack of accessories. The other women wore earrings and necklaces that completed their outfits. I haphazardly put on jewelry and accessories that I knew were mundane. I would like to share some accessorizing tips I’m using now.