A Sunless Tan Is A Quick Way To Get A Tan For An Upcoming Event

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If you love having a tan, but you're concerned about the effects of the sun on your skin, then you should try sunless tanning. You'll look like you spent a vacation on the beach, but you won't be exposed to UV rays at all. Instead, a tanning solution is sprayed on your skin that gives you a temporary, natural-looking tan. You can get a spray tan or an airbrush tan at a tanning salon. Here's how they differ.

A Spray Tan Is Automated

If you want a quick tan, then using a spray booth is a good choice as it only takes a matter of minutes to go from pale to tanned. You step into a private booth which determines your height and then the spray is applied to your body. You'll be given audio prompts on when to turn and how to position your body, so you get an even tan. The first time you get a spray tan can be a learning experience, so you'll know how to position your body right on the following sessions. The tan will last about a week as long as you use the right skin care products at home and don't shower right after the session. Once you have the process down, you can get a quick tan any time you want, and you'll look like you've spent the summer at the beach.

An Airbrush Tan Is Applied By An Artist

An airbrush tan is sprayed on too, but in this case, the spray is controlled by a person. This ensures an even tan, but even better, the artist can adjust the color of your tan to create shading that helps shape your figure. Just like an airbrush artist uses spray paint to create beautiful works of art, the tanning salon uses artists to create a natural-looking tan complete with different shades of color so that you get the best results. An airbrush tan takes much longer than a spray booth tan, but the results are more predictable. If you want a tan for a special event, such as a wedding, then choosing an airbrush tan is the best way to make sure your tan will be perfect. These tans also last for about a week and can be applied any time you want to refresh your tan.

Sunless tanning is a great way to get a tan without having to spend hours lounging in the sun and exposing your skin to photoaging or increase your risk of skin cancer. Either method is a good way to tan and get quick results when you want a tan for an event later that night or if you want to maintain a tan all summer even if you avoid the sun. The tanning sessions are quick and affordable, and you'll look like you've been on a tropical vacation.

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19 March 2019

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